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Botanical workshop with "Nature in Occitanie" from 11 to 13 June 2021 at the cottage

Cottage of Montredon du Larzac, botanical workshop near Millau, in the south of France
The Montredon holiday cottage is happy to welcome "Nature in Occitanie" which proposes a botanical workshop from 11 to 13 June 2021 : many people, after having passed the initiation workshop, and already possessing good knowledge, wish to further deepen their botanical skills.

This is to be completely autonomous in the identification of plants encountered during walks or inventories. This workshop is intended for anyone who wants to seriously deepen their knowledge of botany, manage the use of the keys of determination and various tools, apprehend groups of difficult plants, learn about the study of vegetation. Prior acquisition of basic vocabulary is necessary; this is not an introductory workshop.

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At the Montredon farmers market, every Wednesday evening in July and August

Local products, mainly organic; meats from the group of producers to be grilled on site

Farmers market of Montredon

Soizig's stuffings, a local specialty

Farmers market at Montredon du Larzac

The bread oven is back in service!

Farmers market, Montredon du Larzac, near Millau

The Sheep That Reads: Alternative bookstore open Wednesdays in July and August

Farmers market in Montredon, south of France

Traditional Occitan dances at the end of the market

Marché Paysan à Montredon du Larzac

Entertainment during the market

Farmers evening market in Montredon, Larzac, near Millau