Montredon's holiday cottage on the Larzac plateau in Aveyron

Outings and discoveries around the cottage

Culture and discovery

And why not a journey through time and history?
Habitat of the Templars and then the hospitals on the Larzac plateau, the villages of La Couvertoirade and La Cavalerie, among others, it is 1000 years of history that welcome you ! Behind the ramparts or on the round path, it is the soul of these major medieval sites that you will discover.
Also in Millau, the historical heritage awaits you, the Tower of the Kings of Aragon, erected in the 12th century, testifies to the importance of the city in the Middle Ages. After climbing its 210 steps, the panoramic view of the city and the Causses is open to you !

Closer to us, hamlets clinging to the cliff, overlooking the Dourbie like Cantobre, villages with their market halls, oasis of freshness in the summer like Nant, mills like that of Corp on the Dourbie, water troughs for sheep, roofs that collect rainwater in a country where water is precious... All these places bear witness to the architectural richness in connection with tradition, nature, space, the ubiquitous stone, the inhabitants...
At your feet, a flora of exceptional richness, wild orchids such as the hoof of Venus, angel hair (Stipe peneneed), Carline with acanthus leaf....
Don't take them with you, but come and admire them more often in their natural environment ! And also, in season, all the mushrooms bloom for your pleasure !

Two not-to-be-missed :
The Roquefort, made from sheep's milk, it is a cheese of character, just like its terroir ! Its caves are visited all year round. Today, there are still a few independent producers…
The Millau Viaduct : a vertiginous bridge overlooking the Tarn Valley. A work of art and engineering that, with its 154 cables, 7 pylons, one of which rises to 343 m, is the tallest in the world... You will have been warned, the viaduct is the star, it attracts more than a million visitors a year !

The list of places of interest is long : to inform yourself and prepare your stay, perhaps it is best to visit the sites of the tourist offices Millau Grands Causses , Office de tourisme Larzac et Vallées and of

The Larzac, the fight (1971 to 1981) and after ? Montredon at the heart of the peasant resistance. A land and men.
Special mention for the Larzac, a militant land where for fifty years, women and men have been involved at the local, national or international level to build a fairer and supportive world. On the plateau, all around the cottage, if the stones could talk they would tell you the story of the villages, the hamlets once in ruins and now inhabited by young families, they would tell you the story of this little piece of land battered by the winds that has become the only region of France where there are more peasants today than in 1970 !

Over time, new tools for managing land and its products have been created... It is impossible to describe here all the choices and actions taken for the renovation of the country, but several of these associations have settled in Montredon, which allow this dynamic !

We will be delighted to talk to you about these exciting themes and we can even, why not, make you meet some of the well-known actors of the militant Larzac who invent tomorrow.

Sports and Nature

Nature sports lovers ? Enjoy !
Aveyron is a paradise ! On land, underground, in the air or from the rivers the show is breathtaking, new experiences await you ! Whether you are a seasoned sportsman in search of thrills or an epicurean looking for swimming spots, everyone can find the activity that suits him.

Hiking, caving, via ferrata, canoeing, paragliding, orienteering, climbing, river fishing, biking, slackline, trail, mushroom picking or ... lazing. To each his program, under the watchful eye of raptors (monk vultures and wild vultures), all in a natural setting classified as a UNESCO World Heritage since 2011.

The list of activities is so long that to inform yourself and prepare for your stay, perhaps it is best to visit the sites of the tourist offices Millau Grands Causses , Office de tourisme Larzac et Vallées

The GR71D (tour of the Larzac) passes in front of the cottage, moreover hiking agencies such as Pédestria or Nature Occitane or Sud Randos trust us and make regular stop at our home

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